Kids Care

Richmond kids are passionate about their libraries and depend on them, but don't take our word for it. Read all about it in their words.

Callie Munyon

Dear Richmond City Council,

My name is Callie and I love coming to the library, there is just something so comforting when I get to go inside the library and look through all of the books, and find the right book for me! Libraries have made a big impact on my life in many ways, I love taking my younger cousins to the library because I get to show them books that I used to like when I was their age. It makes my younger cousins feel super accomplished when they find the right book and it makes me happy that I got to show them how amazing libraries are! Please do not close down any libraries!

Juliet Espinoza

I’m 12 years old and my name is Juliet Espinoza. I have lived in Richmond my whole life. The poverty rate is 15.7% in Richmond. A lot of families struggle with poverty and have a lot of stress. They worry what’s going to happen next and they struggle. They don’t know what to do or what can save them.
Richmond library can save them because books can put worries away and let you escape from the real world.
Even if it’s just for a little it gives them hope! Low income families can go to Richmond library after Covid‐19 without any fear or discrimination and they don’t have to pay to just sit and read. They can just read whether it’s for entertainment or for education purposes. There are kids books, young adult books, adult books of all
genres for everyone to read to escape their life for just some time.

Alessander Andrade

To Richmond City council
My name is Alessander Andrade I go to Caliber Beta Academy I’m in second grade and live in Richmond. I go to the library with my mom to read stories and check out superheroes books. I been going to the library for a long time even before I learn how to read. It would make me very sad if I couldn’t go to the library to check out books and read fun stories. Books are very important I love to read and when my mom reads to me. 

Piper Coburn

Hello! My name is Piper Coburn. I am six years old.
I have been going to the library since I was a baby. I get lots of books from the Richmond Library. The library
is super important during a quarantine because we need stuff and do and reading books is important to us.
The library helps people find jobs and get help, and if we didn't have a library people couldn't get help.
When I grow up, I want to go to the library, and where will I go if there is no library.
Piper Coburn 

Cam-Ly Day

Dear Richmond City Council,
My name is Cam-Ly Day and I am 11 years old. I really hope you do not shut down the libraries because there are many people around here who enjoy going to the library and picking out books. When I go to the library I especially like the
books in the fiction section. We are already going through a lot because of COVID-19 and I understand how stressful it is for you guys and wish you the best and hope you guys won't close down the libraries.

Indira Sivakumar

Dear Richmond Council,
My name is Indira Sivakumar, I'm 7 years old and I am from El Sobronte. I love the libraries and you cant take them away. The libraries are good for education and they have many wonderful stories.
People get books they don't have but they want it's like a road into the land of imagination. The library is a great place please don't take it down.

Riley Edgell

To Richmond City Council,
Save the libraries. My name is Riley Edgell. I am an 8 year old Richmond resident and I get to play on the computers and every week on Wednesdays I get to see my tutor and pick my right level of books and my favorites too. I really really love the library. It would break my heart to see the library go and I wouldn't get as many books anymore so please save the libraries.

Ruby-Rose Day

Dear Richmond City Council,
I am Ruby-Rose Day and I am 9 years old and I live in Richmond. I do not think you should shut down the libraries just because you don’t have enough money. Lots of people like libraries in Richmond and they won’t be able to borrow any
books. Some parents can’t afford to buy books. I like going to the library because I get to read new books. 

Jescenia Ramirez

To Richmond City Council
My name is Jescenia Ramirez, I am a 13-year-old Richmond Citizen and I am angry about the proposal to shut
down Richmond Public Library. The Richmond public library holds many memories for me. And I always
enjoy reading and going there during my free time. The library has helped me discover my passion for reading,
which is a very important part of me.
During the summer, and when my parents have time to drive me to the library, my siblings and I enjoy going to
the library and looking at the books, playing on the computers, and playing outside in the picnic area to eat the
lunches the library provides. I met one of my best friends at this library!
My school had a field trip to the library and the city hall two years ago, I enjoyed going to the library a lot, my
friends and I got to read together and find books we all enjoyed. If I do say so myself that was one of the best
field trips I ever had in elementary school. And that says a lot because I had field trips to museums, and paks,
and many other fascinating places outside of Richmond.
Closing down the library would also mean many people that work at the library lose their jobs. My neighbor,
which I consider family, works at the library. I would think it very unfair for her to lose her job, not because she
got fired or quit, but because people at the government close it. She, like thousands of others, would have no job
during corona, when she needs it most.
So please, please, please don't close the library. It is a very important part of all Richmond citizens' lives. And if
you close it down, you would be closing down part of Richmond. And a part of what makes it beautiful despite
everything people say. 

Joel Guzman

To Richmond City Council
My name is Joel Guzman, I am a 14-year old Richmond resident and am very concerned about the proposed
closing of the Richmond Public Library. For as long as I remember, I have gone to the Richmond Library for a
variety of things. As well as many others I depended on the Richmond Public Library for many things from
homework help, to computer/wifi access, books, and many other benefits the Richmond Public Library
I have done very well in school and maintain good grades, I am proud to say that I can credit the start of that
success to the Richmond Public Library and their staff. I am speaking for many young kids and teens that have
gone to the Richmond Public Library, the Richmond Public Library is a place for the kids of Richmond to spark
their dreams by providing the utmost care for the kids and the community. The Richmond Public Library is
more than just a library, it is a second home where everyone is welcomed.
I understand the reason budget cuts are needed but this library is worth more than any money that will be saved
from closing it down. By keeping the library open you will provide the community a home and the soil needed
for our children and their dreams to sprout. I hope you take into account my words that represent the community
as whole and take account of the dreams of the young kids of Richmond. 

What do libraries mean to your child?

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How would it impact you, your friends and neighbors if the Richmond City Council closed the Bayview and West Side branches and cut staff, hours and services from the main branch?
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